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medication reminders for the elderly

Importance of Medication Reminders for elderly

Importance of Medication Reminders for elderly

As we grow old, medications become a huge part of our everyday life. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of medication reminders in the life of the elderly. Here is a guide on the benefits and tips to schedule medication and keep track of the medication

Medication Reminders for elderly

Medications are a means of keeping the elderly healthy and fit. In order to - avoid serious consequences, it is important to take the right medications at the right time. However, with multiple health conditions and with the increase in the number of medicines, it is easy to overlook and lose track of the medications. Therefore, it is high time we understand the importance of medication reminders.

Research shows on an average most of the senior citizens take three medications per day. These medications are vital to keep them balanced or to maintain their chronic illness. Therefore, taking medications must be done right to avoid unnecessary risk or illness.

However, we strongly recommend getting professional help or to extend your support for the elderly who have cognitive impairment. Given that, they will have trouble scheduling their own medications which will lead to some adverse effect. As a matter of fact, sometimes the wrong dosage of medications can be fatal hence proper care must be taken. 

medication reminders for the elderly

medication reminders for the elderly

Importance of Medication Reminders

It is quite normal for your elderly dear one to lose track of their medications due to their memory decline, a natural part of aging. This, in turn, can lead to a major risk of improper usage of prescribed medication. The elderly senior can either miss taking their medications on time or might take an overdose of the medication when not properly scheduled. For this reason, it is very important to keep track of the medications. 

Taking a proper dosage of the prescribed medication and to take the right medicine at the right time are some of the few reasons that imply the importance of medication reminders.
Let us look into the importance of medication reminders in more detail.

Taking Proper Dosage Of Medicine

For the aging elderly being able to remember the right dosage might be overwhelming. With their aging process, they might forget and end up taking the same medicine twice. This will put them in the risk of high dosage. Taking overdose of medicines will have a major impact on their body. Thereupon, the dosage of medicines they take must be monitored in order to ensure they take the right amount. This is one of the reasons that show the importance of medication reminders.

Right Medicine At the Right Time

Many medicines have to be taken at a different time of the day. Some are before food and some after. This can be hard to remember for the elderly and they can easily lose track with many medications at their table. As a result, medication reminders help them keep track of the medication and would guide them to eat right at the right time. This will reduce the risk of falling sick and can help them stay balanced. 

Tips On Keeping Track Of Medication

Now that we know the importance of medication reminders it is vital to keep a track of the medications. Here are a few ways to maintain a schedule of your medication and keep track of the medications. 

Use of pill boxes

Use of pill boxes

Usage Of Pill Box:

Pill boxes have multiple compartments to hold pills for every day of the week. This is one of the most simple and best organizational tools to track the medications. Some pillboxes come with different time compartments which makes it a better reminder option.

Proper care must be taken for organizing the pills in these pillboxes. Some pills must be stored in a cool and dry place. As a rule, those medications must be properly stored in separate pillboxes and refrigerated the right way. In addition to this, you can refill your pillboxes once every week. This will help you to keep track of your medication. 

Smart Phone Medication Reminders for elderly

Another easier way to schedule your medication is to set reminders on your Smartphone. With the advancements in technology, there are various applications that remind you to take the medications on time. Also, you can set alarms and schedule your medication with the right dosage and time so you will get a reminder on time.

Create A Checklist:

Make your own medication organizer by creating a checklist for your medications. Make a note of all the medications with their dosage and schedule your medication and ensure it is placed within your visibility. This way, you will be constantly reminded and will be able to take your medications on time. After taking the prescribed medications you can mark it as done in your checklist so you can keep track.

Post It Notes:

Sticky notes can come in handy when you want to remember. Make a note and schedule your medications in sticky notes and place them where you would easily notice. This way you will never miss having to take your medications. You can also remove the post-its to keep track of the medications that you have had for the day. 

Medication Reminders for elderly At Karev Home Caregivers

As simple as it may sound to maintain a schedule and keep track of the medication; when in practice it is quite challenging. Particularly, when you are attending to an elderly with Alzheimer’s disease.

At Karev Home Caregivers, our teams of experts carefully schedule the medication as per the practitioner’s advice. Our caregivers double check the medications before providing it to your elderly. Additionally, they ensure the medication is completely deemed safe for seniors and handle the medication process with caution and care. 

With our professional caregivers to assist with medications, you will never have to worry about your elderly dear one. In short, we take care of your dear one like our own. We will continue to amaze you with our service.

1 Assisted Living or Home Care

Making A Choice: Assisted Living Vs Home Care

Making A Choice: Assisted Living Vs Home Care Calgary

Being able to choose the right care for your senior loved one is difficult. So, if you are mulling over making a choice between Assisted Living or Home Care in Calgary, we can assist you. Read on to make the right decision that can create a positive impact on your senior’s life.

Assisted Living or Home Care Calgary

Finding the right help for your elderly dear one can be overwhelming. Having to decide on what is best for your senior can be confusing. Therefore, it is always important to know your choices and then decide on what is best for your loved one.

Options like Assisted Living or Home Care Calgary are the fastest growing and the most preferred choices of elderly support. Rather, choosing between Assisted Living or Home Care is always challenging. However, making this choice depends mainly on factors like the amount of help your elderly needs and the financial support you can provide. Hence, before you make a decision, understand your options and evaluate them to find what works best for you.

Furthermore, to make the right decision know the deciding factors that will help you conclude on either Assisted Living or Home Care Calgary. Most importantly, with our help, you will be able to make the big decision of choosing between Assisted Living or Home Care living in Calgary.

Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

With the growing elderly care, it is important to understand the diverse kinds of support available to aid your dear one in the first place.

Read on to know more about Assisted Living and Home Care and their basic differences.

Assisted Living Calgary

Benefits of assisted living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living provides support for elders who require little care on a regular basis. Hence, people who prefer Assisted Living will move into their authorized care centers for getting help from their caregivers. Furthermore, basic help such as assisting to eat, dressing, bathing, organizing their medications will be provided for the senior support citizens.

In Assisted Living centers in Calgary, seniors can opt for an independent living either in private or semi-private apartments. These apartments usually include a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen area. However, these facilities may differ from one service provider to another. In addition to this, Assisted Living also provides services like laundry, housekeeping, health, transportation, recreational activities, round the clock security, and many more.

Most Assisted Living services respect and permit their residents to practice their religious beliefs without compromising on their safety. Along with this, visitors are even allowed to visit the senior residents at any time of the day. In fact, guests are even permitted to stay the night in most Assisted Living centers in Calgary.

Home Care

Home Care Calgary is one of the fastest growing choices when it comes to elderly support. The major advantage of Home Care is it helps the seniors to grow old in a place where they have created memories for life. Furthermore, without compromising on their comfort Home Care helps them in maintaining independence. As a result, this makes Home Care the most preferred choice for elderly support.

Additionally, home Care Calgary provides support for the elderly with their daily living activities whilst living comfortably in their homes. Seniors with mobility issues, cognitive or behavioral troubles can get aid from Home Care. Home Caregivers provide services such as companionship, personal care, meal preparation, organizing medication, transportation, emergency call systems and many more for elders who stay at home.

Most importantly, home Care services can be tailored as per the needs of the elderly. Receiving one-on-one help from the Home Caregiver can boost the lifestyle of the senior whilst maintaining independence at home.

Home Care Calgary

Home Care Calgary

Assisted Living vs Home Care 

Here is everything you need to know about Assisted Living vs Home Care Calgary:

Seniors move from their homes into Assisted Living homes for care

All seniors will receive the same services provided by the facility

Family cannot choose the caregiver

Caregiver keeps changing as per their shift

No consistent care as the caregiver keeps changing

No ongoing help from the family is needed

Seniors can be moved out of the Assisted Living homes in short notice

Group living concept may not be preferred by seniors

Professional Caregivers visit seniors place to provide in-home support

Tailored care can be provided as per the needs of the elderly.

The family gets to choose the caregiver

A single caregiver for the entire time

Consistent care as there is a single caregiver

Ongoing help from the family is needed 

Can never be asked to move out as they stay at home

Seniors can live peacefully in their own place

Analyze The Amount Of Help Needed

Now that you know the basic differences between Assisted Living and Home Care, it is important to determine the amount of help your elderly needs. For this purpose, first make a list of the tasks that your elderly would require assistance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Most importantly, this list can help you to know the exact amount of support your dear one will need. Second, by analyzing the amount of help they need, you will be able to choose from either Assisted Living or Home Care Calgary.

Third, you can make a list of help you and your family could contribute to your elderly. Be realistic with the amount of help you could provide for the longer run. Focusing on short term assistance may impact the care needs of your dear one.

At last, examine both the lists. As a result, this will give you a better understanding of the type of care, Assisted Living or Home Care, your elderly needs. Consequently, with the estimation of support that is needed to the support that is available you can make the big decision.

Evaluate Your Financial Condition

The next important factor that needs to be considered is the level of financial support you can provide. For the reason that financial situations play a vital role in making the right decision as you are looking for a long-term solution.

The costs for Assisted Living and Home Care will vary depending on the geographical location and the amount of help needed. However, here is a rough estimate of numbers, for both Assisted Living and Home Care Calgary, which will help you determine a better option for your elderly.

The costs of assisted living vs home care

The average costs for Assisted Living will vary from one province to another. The average base rate will range from $2130 to $4500 per month in Calgary, Alberta, a province of Canada. Along with this, there will be additional charges of 15 to 18% per month if Alzheimer’s care is needed.

For Home Care in Calgary, the charges are on an hourly basis. Both part-time and full-time care can be provided in Home Care. The average hourly rate of the Home Caregiver will be around $15 to $75 per hour. But these rates vary depending on the skill of the caregiver and the type of help the senior requires. The fact is the cost for Home Care is based on the number of hours the elderly needs support from the caregiver per month.

Based on the above average costs, the prices of Home Care might seem to be on the higher side. However, upon deeper scrutiny, the Home Care prices are less expensive than Assisted Living for the longer run.

Determine What Is Best For You

To summarize, moving seniors to a completely different place for support might increase their stress, anxiety and depression levels. Consequently, it is better to opt for Home Care where the elderly receives one-on-one support from the professional caregivers. Likewise, seniors who need full-time help or with extreme medical conditions can always choose Home Care.

But if you opt for Assisted Living it is better to consider the opinion of your elderly. Get their consent if they are comfortable moving away from the place they have built. Maintaining independence and making a change will be difficult for the elderly in Assisted Living homes. So, it is vital to get their approval.

Always prioritize the relationship and comfort of your elderly over the value of money when it comes to getting help.

In the end, it comes down to you and what is best for you and your elderly. Most importantly, keep you and your elderly comfortable as you are the ones dealing with the situation. It is up to you to decide the best way to provide care for your elderly dear one. So, they could spend the rest of their lives in a way they would appreciate.