How to Care when your Aging parents’ Mobility is compromised?

Aging is a natural process. As we grow old, we watch our aging parent’s mobility decline. As a rule, help is needed with day-to-day activities as they grow dependent. Driving will be affected; visits to grocery stores will be affected as age takes a toll on their body. In fact, your aging parent will need wheelchairs or walkers to move around. Watching your parents depend upon these mobility aids but it is important to be prepared to provide proper disabled elderly care for your dear one. An aging parent with compromised mobility can feel helpless and most importantly it impacts their quality of life. Therefore, it is important to make them feel safe and loved at these difficult times. For this reason, proper care for the elderly with compromised mobility must be provided. 

If you are a family caregiver and are looking for ways to care for the elderly with compromised mobility then you are in the right place. Read on to know more about nurturing your aging parent with compromised mobility.

Care for the Elderly with Compromised Mobility

Caring for an aging parent with compromised mobility is not easy. A family caregiver must be vigilant as improper care can worsen mobility issues and result in your elderly being bedridden. Low physical activity, obesity, strength or balance impairment coupled with chronic diseases can deteriorate the mobility in your aging parent. Hence, it is vital to provide proper care for the elderly with compromised mobility. In fact, your aging parent’s mobility issues are treatable with consistent attention and proper care. 

To be a family caregiver for your aging parent means to provide dedicated care throughout the day. This can have a considerable impact on your life and challenge you in new ways. Therefore, in order to provide care for your dear one, you must be well prepared for finding the right balance.

Care for the elderly with compromised mobility

Care for the elderly with compromised mobility

Care for Temporary Disability

When your aging parent has temporary mobility issues you might want to extend your support until they get back their mobility. When this is the situation you can get mobility aides to help them move around. In fact, few of the mobility aids which can assist are canes, walkers, transfer boards, risers, and wheelchairs. Although, these mobility aids can help your elderly parent to some extent they will still need your help and assistance for everyday tasks. 

Bathing Care For Elderly

Bathing is one of the most difficult tasks for an aging parent with compromised mobility. Ignoring personal hygiene can create low self-esteem and make them less confident. For this purpose, it is essential to consider taking proper care of their personal hygiene. Using grab bars inside the bathroom can assist the elderly with support. Transfer benches can be used for making easy transfers inside the tub. In addition to this, install handheld fixtures this can help combat the difficult showers for your aging parent with compromised mobility. 

By making a few adjustments in your elder's bathroom you can provide the right disabled elderly care. 

Incontinence Care For Elderly Parent

Incontinence in the elderly impacts their quality of life. Your aging parent will feel embarrassed and sensitive when you have to extend your support for their incontinence. In order to, ease them from feeling embarrassed, talk to your aging parent and let them know it is a natural part of aging. This will make them feel comfortable and reduce a little stress.

When providing incontinence care for elderly with compromised mobility it is vital to have scheduled bathroom trips. Install aids like a raised toilet to provide disabled elderly care support for your dear one.  Taking care of the toileting needs of your elderly can be overwhelming so it is important to understand the right way to care for your aging parent with compromised mobility.

Care For Fear Of Falls At Home

To care for the elderly with compromised mobility who fears of falls can be demanding. To ease up their fear it is wise to implement fall proof measures in the house. Along with this, you can seek help from a trained professional to ensure your elders home is “fall-proof”. Additionally, try and remove the clutter from the floor. Have a clear passageway from bed to the bathroom, have a securely fastened rug and finally enhance the lighting in their rooms. By securing their space, it will assure them of their safety which in turn will help them to slowly let go of their fear of falls.  

Disabled elderly care

Disabled elderly care

Feeding Care for Disabled Elderly

When attending to an aging parent with compromised mobility feeding care can be a challenge. If your elderly dear one is bedridden then it is vital that proper care must be taken to avoid mishaps. As a rule, correct posture must be maintained when feeding the elderly. Sitting upright with their heads inclined forwards is the best way to feed your aging parent. To avoid nausea, it is important to encourage them to be seated in an upright position for at least 15 minutes after feeding. These are simple care tips but when ignored will have a considerable impact on your elderly. Therefore, take proper measures to provide feeding care for elderly with compromised mobility.

Driving Care For Elderly

When self-driving becomes an impossible thing to do there are other alternatives you can consider for your dear one. It is almost impossible to be around them at all times and drive them around. So it is best to consider alternatives like mobility scooters, senior call and ride programs, and getting professional assistance. Mobility scooters are designed for outdoors that helps them with transportation. Senior call and ride programs have drivers who are specialized in providing additional care for the disabled elderly. Finally, you can get help from your friend, volunteer or even get professional aide for driving your senior. 

Disabled Elderly Care at Karev Home Caregivers

Special care for the elderly with compromised mobility is provided at Karev Home Caregivers. Most importantly, we consider it our privilege to help your aging parent with compromised mobility. If you are in need of professional help, give us a call our home caregivers are available to help you and ease the challenges.

Our caregivers ensure their house is safe and secure for the elderly to move around with the right mobility aides. At Karev Home Caregivers, we put the comfort of the elderly first which makes it easier for us to understand and attend to their needs.  In addition to providing exceptional disabled elderly care, we create a rapport with your dear one which makes them feels understood and taken care of. Our crew of home caregivers is trained to provide support for your aging parent with a compromised disability. Our caregiver’s expertise will provide the perfect disabled elderly care you have been looking for. 

It has been our passion to serve people and we take pride in exceeding expectations. Our experts will make aging in place for your elderly a pleasurable one. Call us or book an appointment with us, we will amaze you with our service!